Japan's longest-serving prime minister -sinzo abe

Sinzo Abe was born on 21 september 1954 in tokyo to a prominent political faimily.

his grandfather  nobusuke  kishi  was de facto "economic king"of occupied  china, korea

Abe's mother, yoko kishi is the daughter of nobusuke kishi who was prime minister of japan from 1957 to 1960


Sinzo Abe attended seikei elementary school, seikei junior high school and seikei senior high school and graduated with bachlor's degree in political science from seikei university in 1977.


Sinzo Abe was elected to the first district of yamaguchi prefecture 1993 after his father's death in 1991. on 23 april 2006, abe was elected as president of rulling libral democratic party.

He was the youngest prime minister since fumimaro konoe in 1941.

On 26 september 2007 abe officialy ended his term as yasuo fukuda become the new prim minister of japan.

Sinzo abe later revealed that the illness that contributed to ending his first term as prime minister was ulcerative colitis, but that he since recover.

the Rising 

After resigning as prime minister, Abe remained in national diet. Abe returned to the LDP  leadership at time of political turmoil