Learning from Shiba Inu to Osaka Protocol

Learning from Shiba Inu to Osaka Protocol

Many crypto conference attendees share tales of selling coins like Shiba Inu too early, missing out on potential fortunes.

Founded by the enigmatic Ryoshi, Shiba Inu was an experiment in decentralization, devoid of centralized control or responsibility for growth.

Despite being the founder, Ryoshi didn't own any Shiba, urging others to take ownership and responsibility.

Shiba Inu became a multi-billion dollar coin, showcasing the power of decentralized communities.

Following in Shiba's footsteps, Osaka Protocol emerged with its mysterious founder, Mephisto, aiming for pure decentralization.

Mephisto encourages new community members to be referred to as "devs," emphasizing shared responsibility for success.

Osaka Protocol boasts achievements like a multi-chain bridge and organized community events.